Wahoo Livestock Sales

COVID-19 Statement and Procedures

We encourage buyers and consignors to limit their time at the market to the amount necessary to conduct business.


  • Remote bidding is available at DVAuction.com Phone bidding is also available, please work with us directly to facilitate.
  • If you or any member of your household is feeling ill, please stay home.
  • If you are a member of a population of heightened vulnerability, please avoid areas where people gather.
  • Please stay at least 6 feet away from others while at the sale.
  • ALWAYS practice good hygiene by covering coughs and sneezes and performing frequent hand washes.
  • Please do not spit on the floors while at the market.


  • You are encouraged to return home after dropping off livestock for sale.
  • Online viewing is available at DVAuction.com to watch your cattle sell from home.
  • Checks will be mailed following the sale. If you need your check sooner, please work with us directly for an alternative arrangement.

We are doing our very best to provide consistency and certainty in these challenging times and greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding of these disease prevention measures in order to protect our community.


Consign Early To Get Them Advertised

Special Grass Cattle Along With Weekly Sale Friday April 9, 2021 Hay 11:00 A.M. Cattle 12:00 P.M


4-Rd Bales Alf

11-Rd Bales Grass Hay

7-Rd Bales Grass Hay


230-Blk & Bwf Strs 700-800# Wnd Vac Poured No Implants Green (Western Origin) (Meier Farms)

100-Blk & Red X Strs & Hfrs 600-700# Wnd Vac Poured (Lazy J Cattle & Hay)

110-Blk, Red & Char X Hfrs 750-850# Wnd Vac Poured (Bundy)

80-Blk, Red & Char X Strs 800-900# Wnd Vac Poured (Bundy)

75-Red & Blk Strs & Hfrs 700-800# Wnd Vac Poured (Thomas)

70-Blk & Char Strs & Hfrs 550-650# Wnd Vac Poured (Bohac)

35-Blk & Red X Strs & Hfrs 500-550# Wnd 2 Rds Vac Wormed (Dozler)

30-Blk X Strs 700-800# Wnd Vac Poured (Case)

28-Blk & Bwf Strs 800-900# Wnd Vac Poured (Slama)

28-Bwf & Rwf 600-800# Wnd Vac (Weston)

20-Blk & Red X Strs & Hfrs Wnd Vac Poured (Sabata)

18-Red X Bulls & Hfrs 400-600# (Blum)

16-Red Hfrs 400-500# Wnd Vac (Rogers)

15-Blk & Bwf Strs & Hfrs 700-800# Wnd Vac Poured (Keller)

12-Blk & Red X Strs & Hfrs 500-600# Wnd Vac (Peterson)

10-Blk X Strs & Hfrs 450-55o# Wnd Vac (Lutjelusche)

10-Blk & Red Strs & Hfrs 650-750# Wnd Vac (Brock)

More By Sale Time

Weekly Cattle & Hay Sale Friday April 16, 2021

Livestock Equipment

40-Continous Panels (7, 6, 5 & 4 Bar)

Heavy Duty Gates 10 Ft, 12 Ft, 14 Ft  & 16 FT

Head Gates

Heavy Duty Rd Bale Feeder



ATV Cattle Crossing


Cattle Rub

Calf Puller



15-Blk Fall Bred Cows (Bred Unl Blk Angus Bulls) Start Calving 9-1 For 60 Days

5-Blk 1st Calf Hfr Families Calves All Worked

More By Sale Time