Wahoo Livestock Sales

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Special Pair Sale, Bred Cow & Breeding Bull Sale
Friday May 20, 2022
Hay 10:30 A.M. Cattle 12:00 P.M


30-Sm Sq Brome

7-Rd Bale Grass Hay

1-Rd Bale 4th Cutting Alf

Baby Calves

1-Rwf Baby Calf On Feed

1-Blk Angus Baby Calf


20-Blk & Red Cow/Calf Families 4th Calf-Broken Mouth With Char X Calves (Blecha)

8-Blk Cow/Calf Families 4-5 Yrs Old (Pribyl)

12-Blk & Red Cow/Calf Families 1st Calf-Broken Mouth (Greves)

6-Blk Cow/Calf Families 1st Calf-8 Yrs Old (Jessen/Kruse)

5-Blk & Bwf Cow/Calf Families 4th Calf (Pospisil)

5-Blk Cow/Calf Families Solid-Broken Mouth (Jakub)

2-Blk Cow/Calf Families 3rd & 4th Calf (Warner)

2-Blk 1st Calf Hfr Families (Andel)

6-Red Angus Families 1st & 2nd Calf (Sedlaeck)

5-10 Families Smaller Bunches


8-Red Bred Cows Bred Char & Hereford Bulls

5-Blk Bred Cows 4-8 Yrs Old Bred Blk Angus & Hereford (Jessen/Kruse)

5-10 Bred Cows Smaller Bunches

Breeding Bulls

4-Yearling Blk Angus Breeding Bulls (Tvrdy)

1-Yearling Hereford Breeding Bull (Johnson)

3-Reg Horned Hereford Bulls 4yrs Old (Otte)


12-Blk X Strs & Hfrs 600-700# Wnd Vac (Pending)

50-100 Hd In Smaller Bunches

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No Sale
Friday May 27, 2022
Have A Safe & Happy Memorial Day

Special All Class Cattle Sale
Friday June 3, 2022
Hay 10:30 A.M. Cattle 12:00 P.M

90-Blk & Red X Hfrs & Strs 750-850# Vac

18-Blk & Bwf Strs & Hfrs 500-700# Wnd Vac

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